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From the begriming our major aspiration was to reach as many citizens as we could with the important message of the changing state of our world, and the importance of moving in a direction that will ameliorate the suffering of our fellow human beings as conditions deteriorate.

There is no escape from the arc of that change. The force of nature is much more powerful than anything we can do. Our species signal effect has been only to accelerate over time, civilization's course away from the optimal conditions that support human life.

However, we might begin to make the possibility of human survival over the longer term possible; we surely ought to start on it now.

What is needed is knowledge and action. We will do our best to expand opportunities to obtain such knowledge; it is up to all of us to act.

We are an affiliate of The Post Carbon Institute.

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The Post Carbon Council is an adjunct of the
Humanist Society of the Suncoast

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Our initial effort to reach a formal audience was at
the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at

The University of South Florida.
We will present here some papers from that class:


  1. Introduction,
  2. Climate science,
  3. The Carbon Cycle,
  4. Peak Oil,
  5. Natural Resource Depletion,
  6. The Oceans,
  7. ...and more to come

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